Alpine Pond Vacuum VAC1500

Alpine Pond Vacuum VAC1500
Item# APX-VAC1500
Spare Impeller:  Spare Brush Heads: 

Pond vacuum to clean up the bottom of the pool or pond.  Removes debris up to 1" in diameter including sludge, leaves, stones, blanket weeds and more.  Safe to use with fish in the pond.  Includes on/off switch on telescopic handle.  Pole is aluminum and 40", extending to 69".  Cord length 33 feet; 250 watt motor; 1500 maximum flow volume.  72 long x 10" wide x 9 high.  Do not use out of water.  Replacement parts available: brush heads and impeller.


Alpine Pond Vacuum VAC1500 Replacement Parts
Alpine pond vacuum VAC1500 replacement parts: brush heads and impeller.  These parts are special order and ship direct from manufacturer, website adds their handling fee into the shipping cost.
Impeller:  Brush Heads: