Bamboo Rocking Fountain (Deer Scarer) and Pump Kit (20 Inch)

Bamboo Rocking Fountain (Deer Scarer) and Pump Kit (20 Inch)
Item# BAX-11010

This rocking fountain, known as a "deer scarer," or "shishi odoshi," combines sound and motion to create a compelling water feature.  The fountain's bamboo arm rocks back to make a gentle "clacking" sound.  Originally used to scare deer and wild boar from the inner Japanese garden, the fountain now serves as a beautiful central garden feature.  20 inches tall.

This rocking fountain is easy to install as it is designed as a single unit, mounted to a base.  Just place the fountain next to a pond or shallow container, put the pump in the water and enjoy.  120 GPH adjustable flow pump included.  Instructions included.

This bamboo is specially pressure treated to resist powder post beetle and splitting; superior anti-mold finish.  "Split proof" guaranteed by manufacturer.  Manufacturer pump warranty one-year.  Manufacturer: Bamboo Accents.  Hand made in Bamboo Accents Vietnam factory, bamboo grows good in Vietnam.

Bamboo Accent's has specialized in the art of bamboo water fountains since 2000.  Each water spout is carefully hand-made in the tradition of ancient bamboo building, preserving techniques passed down throughout many generations.  Unlike most of today's mass produced commodities, each Bamboo Accents product is unique, functiional and original.

Solid-Split Resistant Bamboo
The materials used are the key to Bamboo Accent's product success.  Bamboo Accents uses solid bamboo canes - not hollow like most bamboo, allowing for a significant increase in the split-resistance and durability.  Bamboo is a an abundant and renewable resource.  Bamboo Accents bamboo is farmed on family plots and harvested in a sustainable manner to yield mature poles every three years.  Poles are then pressure treated using a non-toxic borax treatment that eliminates the possibility of insect infestations.  The selection and preparation of the poles is a time-consuming process that ensures the most beautiful and mature poles for use in Bamboo Accent's products.


Plain Granite Bowl Fountain Pump Cover 12070
This fountain pump cover has look and feel of ceramic but is made of hand-finished polyresin.  Bowl shape surrounds the pump.  5" x 2 1/2".  Covers pumps 120 GPH and smaller.

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