5W Xenon 12V Clear Bi-Pin G4 Base, XN1205 JC12V5W 5T3Q/CL/RP BP1205X-L G4S

5W Xenon 12V Clear Bi-Pin G4 Base, XN1205 JC12V5W 5T3Q/CL/RP BP1205X-L G4S
Item# HG-XN1205-CLR
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Instant wholesale discounts!  Replacement xenon 5W (watt) 12V (volt) bulb/lamp for landscape lighting, fountain lights, audio/visual, photographic equipment, shadow box, desk lamps, bookcase, under-cabinet lighting, pendants, portables, chandeliers, signs and displays.   Xenon bulbs give a bright white light like halogen bulbs without the UV (ultraviolet light), which makes these the ideal bulbs for highlighting sensitive fabric or artwork.  Xenon bulbs are more tolerant when dealing with unstable voltages resulting in longer life.  Filled with low-pressure xenon gas, does not require shielding.

Average bulb life 10,000 hours, size T2.5, replaces these bi-pin base types: G4, Q; T4 bulb shape, quartz glass, tungsten filament, 60 lumens, color temperature 2800K, fully dimmable to 0%, no ultraviolet/no infrared - safe for artwork, 100% mercury free, environmentally friendly.

Brand: Hikari  High quality certified manufacturer.  Sold each.  (Inner pack 100)

Replacement cross-reference: PLRB05, 5T3Q, Q5T3, JCD12V5WH20, JC5009, Q5bipin12v, 5T3Q/CL/RP, 5T3Q/CL, JC12V5W, JC12V-5W, JC5, RBJ1205, XN1205, 3120, BP1205X-L G4S

Replacement bulb for these products: Alpine UL105CL, UL110CL, P120L, SKR series, LET104 series, SKY9, SKY10, SKY22, SKY24, SKY22 series; Fountain Pro WT55L; Jebao PP-333L, PP333LV