Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift Fountain Clear 4-ounce 10TTFC4

Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift Fountain Clear 4-ounce 10TTFC4
Item# EL-10TTFC4

Microbe-Lift Fountain Clear, for large fountains, waterfalls or small tabletop fountains, with its bio-enzymatic activity, prevents the buildup of mineral deposits and organic stains such as scale, iron, copper and hard water stains and helps keep water clear and free from organic debris.  Made from natural ingredients, Fountain Clear is biodegradable and non-toxic; safe for birds, fish, aquatic life, humans, pets, plants, lawns and wildlife.

Microbe-Lift products are made from a formulation of many naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacterial strains that work aerobically or anaerobically, with or without light, and in environments from low-to-high acidity, and low-to-high alkalinity.

The 4 ounce size, up to 34 treatments, is for small fountains under 1 gallon capacity; pour 1/2 capful per week directly into water.  For every 5 gallons, add one capful weekly.  Made in USA.  Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories.

Also available in 16 ounce bottles.


Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 For Fountains 4-ounce ALGAF04
Algaway 5.4 for Fountains should be used when algae is PRESENT in the fountain.  Algaway will kill off the algae.  Safe for fish and plants when used as directed.  If there is a lot of dead algae, before using Algaway 5.4 for Fountains, scrub the dead algae off to remove it and again after using the Algaway.  If used over time, the algae should easily break down, after the Algaway is used, with the regular use of Fountain Clear for a clean fountain.  Treats 1,440 gallons.

Algaway 5.4 is an EPA registered product, a polymeric compound that is safe when used according to directions, with surrounding plants, visiting wildlife and pets who frequent the fountain, but it is tough on algae.

Use Fountain Clear to maintain a clean fountain.  Use Algaway 5.4 to remove algae, then add the weekly dose of Fountain Clear 3 days later.