Midland Alarm Clock Weather Alert Radio WR11

Midland Alarm Clock Weather Alert Radio WR11

Midland WR11 Weather Alert Clock Radio will let you know what's happening outside before you get out of bed. 

•Awaken to local Weather, AM/FM Radio or Buzz;
•Large, backlit LCD;
•Alert Override automatically switches over from AM/FM;
•Alarm Clock with Snooze;
•3 Alert options -Voice, Display, or Tone;
•7 Preset weather channels;
•Receives over 60 Alerts;

•Other Alerts include:
•Amber Alert for child abduction;
•Landslides and Fires;
•Nuclear Power and Biological Hazards;
•Civil Emergencies;

•Rechargeable battery pack and drop-in charger;
•Heavy-duty belt clip for rugged outdoor use;
•AC Adapter;
•Owner's Manual;
•Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries, not included.  One-year limited manufacturer warranty.