Rescue - Visilure TrapStik For Wasps, TSW

Rescue - Visilure TrapStik For Wasps, TSW

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Rescue VisiLure TrapStik for Wasps, catches paper wasps (all major species common to North America), carpenter bees, mud daubers and red wasps.  Rescue TrapStik for Wasps uses Sterling?s new VisiTrap technology to lure these stinging insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern.  Wasps are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStik, then get stuck to the adhesive surface.  Catches queens and workers, from spring through fall.  Can be placed near a nest to reduce populations, making it safer to spray.  Unique features and benefits: odor-free, pesticide-free, easy to unroll and hang, adhesive holds up in hot weather, water resistant.  Rescue TrapStik for wasps has a large catch surface 6 sticky sides for wasps to land on and get stuck.  Wasps blend in to the pattern once they're caught.  Hanging loop is built into cap on both ends.  For best results, hang where you see the wasp problem.  Avoid using where children, birds or pets may come in contact with the adhesive.  Shelf life: Does not expire.  Made in USA.  Manufacturer: Sterling International

This product has been pulled from stores by manufacturer 7-19

To see when Queen Yellow Jackets emerge in your state, see emergence chart.

For more information, see "yellow jackets" in the Glossary.

Pricing is per trap.  Case size 6.