Rescue - Stink Bug Trap Light, SBTL

Rescue - Stink Bug Trap Light, SBTL

Rescue stink bug trap light, trap and light work on their own without rebaiting.  Stink bug light is a special blue LED attachment that fits over the stink bug trap.  Trap with light attachment catches stink bugs that have entered homes to overwinter.  Can be used in indoor living spaces and attics.  Rescue stink bug light never needs replacement.  Includes: cap with embedded LEDs, engineered with the proper wavelength and intensity proven effective to lure stink bugs; AC/DC adapter that plugs into electrical outlet; optional battery pack for use in areas without power, such as an attic (uses 2 AA batteries - not included); replacement collar for the Rescue stink bug trap cone; detailed instructions for trap and light placement in the home.  Made in USA.  Manufacturer: Sterling International

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Rescue - Reusable Non-Toxic Stink Bug Trap, SBTR
Reusable Rescue stink bug trap catches multiple species of pest stink bugs.  Used outside in summer, the Rescue stink bug trap lures these pest insects with multiple pheromone attractants.  The stink bugs crawl or fly to the trap, walk up the green ‘fins’ and through the cone, and get trapped inside the clear chamber where they dehydrate.  Non-toxic pheromone attractants are odor-free to humans, traps younger generations of stink bugs that damage gardens and fruit trees, intercepts adult stink bugs before they enter homes.  2-week outdoor attractant supply included with trap.  7-week outdoor attractant refills sold separately.  Insects dehydrate naturally for easy disposal.  Use the Rescue stink bug trap outdoors, preferably in foliage 10-30 feet from your house.  Hang the Rescue stink bug trap from a tree or fence, or secure to a stake or pole.  In late summer or early fall after most plants are harvested or cut back, hang the trap within ten feet of your house to intercept stink bugs before they try to enter homes to overwinter.  To protect all sides of a house from migrating stink bugs, multiple traps may be necessary.  The optimum outdoor stink bug catch period occurs from July through September, during the summer growing season.  Shelf life: Does not expire.  Use with Rescue Universal Rod Trap Stand.  Made in USA.  Manufacturer: Sterling International

Life cycle: In April/May, adult stink bugs emerge and start moving outside to mate and lay eggs on leaves of plants and trees.  From May through August, flightless, juvenile stink bugs, called nymphs, hatch and start feeding on vegetables and fruit.  From July to September, nymphs become adult stink bugs, which can fly, and continue feeding in gardens, field crops, orchards and fruit trees.  Traps both males and females.  A female stink bug produces about 400 eggs each season.  September/October: As plants are harvested and food sources dry up, stink bugs begin seeking shelter to overwinter.  Homes are a prime target.  October-April: Stink bugs overwinter in sheltered locations, typically in attics.  They become a nuisance around the house in early spring.

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