(6 CASE) Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher Display, 16-ounce

(6 CASE) Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher Display, 16-ounce
Item# AVX-7106-6PK-BX

As seen on TV!  Fire Gone is an extinguisher effective on all classes of fire.
Made in USA.  Ships direct from factory.

You don't have to decide which kind of fire you have or if you have the correct extinguisher.  No shaking or turning extinguisher upside down.  Just grab Fire Gone, pop the tab and spray till empty.  Fire Gone will not settle or separate out of solution so it's always ready.

Works by cooling the fire very quickly, preventing re-ignition, and by coating the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen and putting out the fire.  It even neutralizes toxic smoke from the fire.  Cleanup is easy because the foam breaks down any sooty, greasy, oily residue leaving a clean surface.

Race car drivers spray themselves with when exiting a burning car and their pit crews have extinguishers handy to spray on engine fires with no damage to the engine.

It's a small, handy size to tuck into a cabinet or other small space.  Keep one in your kitchen, garage, office, car, dorm, boat, plane, workshop, RV and for the grilling area.nbsp; Made with Fluorine Free Foam.  It is still environmentally friendly, biodegradable, good for A, B, and C fires.  16 ounce can.

Not for sale to California.

This is sold in quantities of 1 display each.  Each display contains 6 cans.  (as shown)