AMD Sempron 3000 2.0GHz CPU 32-bit/3GB/DVD-ROM/CD-ROM/HD-40GB/WIFI/Ubuntu

AMD Sempron 3000 2.0GHz CPU 32-bit/3GB/DVD-ROM/CD-ROM/HD-40GB/WIFI/Ubuntu

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Reconditioned and ready to use. Ubuntu 18.04LTS includes office apps that are compatible with MS Office, OpenOffice, etc. Firefox installed. Mini USB WIFI Adapter 802.11n/g/b 150Mbps installed. No bad caps. Ubuntu disk not included. Hardware warranty 30 days.

MLB: Epox 8KRA2 (Socket 462/A for AMD Athlon XP & Barton processors; VIA KT600 chipset; Realtek audio; ports/connections: video 8x AGP, 2x IDE, 2x IDE RAID, 2x SATA, floppy drive, 8x USB 2.0, 2x 1394a (Firewire), 1x Game. With manual

Video: ATI 9600PRO 128MB (cooling fan is working)
RAM: 3GB PC3200 (maximum RAM support is 3GB)
DVD-ROM (Pioneer)
CD-ROM (52X Lite-On)
Hard Drive Capacity = 40GB
3.5" Floppy Drive
Antec Power Supply True 430W (dual cooling fans, both working)

Connections on back of computer: parallel port, 2x RS232, VGA video, DMI video, USB 2.0 x8, 2x 1394a (Firewire), ethernet 10/100Mbps, audio out to speakers, line-in/rear-out (blue), line-out/front-out( green), mic-in/center & subwoofer (pink), PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse.

Front of case has power on/off button and reset button.

Mini USB WIFI Adapter 802.11n/g/b 150Mbps and driver disk which was not needed (plugged in to back of computer)
Power cord
Several booklets/manuals, original driver disk, newer downloaded drivers on a disk. A couple case blanks for front of case.
Original floppies that came with board possibly needed during windows install for sata or raid setup.

Fresh Ubuntu install has login is set to automatic, do not ask. Username: user1 Password: admin (same password for updates if prompted for password for updates)

S/N: 37007600634

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