Reconditioned Dell Dimension 2350 Pentium 4 32-bit/1GB/DVD-ROM/HD-40GB/WIFI/Ubuntu

Reconditioned Dell Dimension 2350 Pentium 4 32-bit/1GB/DVD-ROM/HD-40GB/WIFI/Ubuntu
Item# MC-DELL2350-UG

Reconditioned and ready to use. Ubuntu 16.04LTS includes office apps that are compatible with MS Office, OpenOffice, etc.  Firefox installed.  Mini USB WIFI Adapter 802.11n/g/b 150Mbps installed, disk included.  Ubuntu disk not included.  No bad caps.  Hardware warranty 30 days.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.20GHz 32-bit
3.5" Floppy Drive
40GB IDE hard drive (passed manufacturer's re-certification testing)
RAM: 2x 512MB Non-ECC DDR [Brand: Corsair] (2 dimm sockets; maximum at 1GB)
Internal speaker
Integrated video
(if there something else you want know, send us a message, we will check)

Connections on back of computer:
PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, parallel port, RS232, VGA video, USB x4, ethernet 10/100Mbps, audio out, mic-in, line-in

Connections on front of computer:
headphones, USB x2

Mini USB WIFI Adapter 802.11n/g/b 150Mbps and driver disk which was not needed (plugged in to back of computer) Power cord
Dell E153FP Flat screen with stand and cables; viewable size 15"
Dell PS/2 keyboard
Dell PS/2 mouse

Does not include any Dell disks or drivers. Drivers are available at the Dell site with service tag lookup that will show the correct drivers, the drivers would only be needed if changing to an older operating system.

Dell service tag # GDZGN21 (although last we check Dell's site no specs come up for this anymore, either Dell deleted that or it's a problem with site not working. We made a print out before their site stopped working that we will include closed behind the computer door/panel.)

Fresh Ubuntu install has login is set to automatic, do not ask. Username: user1 Password: admin (same password for updates if prompted for password for updates)

Dell Dimension 2350 S/N: CN-07W080-70821-32R-908R
Dell E153FP S/N: CN-OY4413-72872-58H-17WS

Only this one available!