Energy Saver Halogen 50W 130V/120V Double Life PAR30 Clear Flood E26 50PAR30/QFL

Energy Saver Halogen 50W 130V/120V Double Life PAR30 Clear Flood E26 50PAR30/QFL
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Energy Saver Halogen PAR30 type 50W (watt) 130V (volt) textured clear flood light bulb/lamp with brass E26 medium screw base, UV (ultraviolet) block/filter/protected, thick heavy duty hard glass construction.  Saves energy, replaces 90W (watt) incandescent bulb, cuts energy costs by 40%.  Check bulb fixture to make sure it can handle the heat from a halogen.  Replacement for track lights, ceiling fish eye lights, studio lights, security lighting, driveways, walkways, landscape lighting, etc.  This 130V bulb replaces lower voltage rated bulbs and lasts longer.  A bulb rated at 130V is same as 120V double life bulb, using a higher voltage rated bulb is the only way to extend bulb life, replace less bulbs and save more money.  PAR30 bulb shape, clear quartz glass, tungsten filament, 580 lumens, MOL (length) 3.54" (90mm), 35 degree beam angle, brass base resists corrosion, uses 50W (watts) instant on, fully dimmable to 0%, 100% mercury free, environmentally friendly.  Bulb life 3000 hours at 130V, longer at lower voltages.  Brand: Hikari  High quality certified manufacturer.  Sold each.  (Case size 18 bulbs)

Energy Saver Halogen technology helps save energy compared to standard halogen bulb by adding XENON gas and enhancing the pressure of the capsule.  Energy Saver Halogens have the same light output and characteristics that you expect from standard incandescents but provide up to 40% energy savings.

Replacement cross-reference: PAR3031, PAR30, 50PAR30/HAL/DL/WFL, 50PAR30/H/FL25, 50PAR30CAPSPLWFL50, HP30FL50, 50PAR30/QFL, 50PAR30/QFL-130, 50PAR30FL120VR, 50PAR30FL130VR

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