Feit Accent LED A19 1.6W 120V Soft White E26 Medium Base BPA19/LED

Feit Accent LED A19 1.6W 120V Soft White E26 Medium Base BPA19/LED
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Accent A19 LED 1.6W 120V (volt) soft white bulb/lamp, E26 standard medium base.  Replacement accent lighting for table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fans, wall sconces, bath and vanity, etc.

Average bulb life 20,000 hours.  A19 bulb shape, 78 lumens, color temperature 3000K, stays cool to the touch, not dimmable.  This bulb is up to 90% more efficient than incandescent or halogen, environmentally friendly (100% mercury free), solid state technology withstands shock and vibration, relatively cool running (less energy lost as heat), lights up instantly, immediate full brightness, no ultraviolet emissions/ no infrared - safe for artwork, capable of rapid cycling (unaffected by frequent on/off switching).  Packaging may vary.  Manufacturer warranty 2 years.  Feit Electric high quality certified manufacturer.  Sold each.  (Case size 2 inner packs of 6)

Feit Electric Accent LED light bulbs contain clusters of solid state lighting sources called LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that cast directional light suitable for short distance highlighting of objects or are used for decorative accenting purposes like high-hanging hotel chandeliers.  They are offered in a variety of shapes, including frost and clear bent tip chandelier bulbs, reflectors, household bulbs and night lights.  The primary benefits of Accent LED light bulbs are extremely long life and low energy usage in areas where accent or decorative lighting is required.  (These are not intended for general lighting purposes.)  Each bulb in the Accent LED line is rated for up to 30,000 hours or more, thus eliminating frequent and burdensome bulb replacement.  Additionally, none of the bulbs in the line use more than 4 watts, which results in substantial energy savings.  Additional benefits of Accent LED light bulbs include no mercury (RoHS compliant/environmentally safe), no UV emissions (no color fading of artwork) and no warm up time for illumination or full brightness.

Replacement cross-reference: BPA19/LED; replacement for accent lighting, etc.; 

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