FountainPro 3-Set Color Submersible LED Super Bright Lights, JTPL13LED

FountainPro 3-Set Color Submersible LED Super Bright Lights, JTPL13LED
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Submersible LED 3-light set with outdoor transformer for your house, driveway, garden or walkways, ponds, fountains.  Three LED lamps with adjustable weighted bases, 9 LEDs per bulb.  Three sets of color lenses, each with: green, blue, red, yellow, clear.  For use in and out of water.  From transformer to first light about 10', from light to light 3'.  Light housing size 2" x 3" high.  See light postions photo.   Replacement LED is an MR11 9-LED, WTLEDB.  Manufacturer warranty one year.

If you need spare parts we a have few email us with what you need, however, spare parts not orderable from supplier.

Replacement cross-reference: FountainPro JTPL13LED


FountainPro MR11 9-LED 12V AC FTD Medium Cool White Flood GU4 GZ4 Bi-Pin Base WTLEDB
FountainPro MR11 LED 12V (volt) AC cool white FTD medium flood bulb/lamp, GU4 bi-pin base, no cover glass.  Measures 1-3/8" inches across reflector diameter.

Average bulb life 30,000 hours.  MR11 bulb shape, 9 LEDs, reflector similar to aluminum, no light leaks out the back, bi-pin base types: GU4, GZ4.  Color temperature 4100K.  This bulb is up to 90% more efficient than incandescent or halogen, environmentally friendly (mercury free), solid state technology withstands shock and vibration, relatively cool running (less energy lost as heat), lights up instantly, immediate full brightness, no UV emissions/no infrared, capable of rapid cycling (unaffected by frequent on/off switching).  Sold each.  Inner pack 10.

LED bulbs use clusters of low powered LEDs to provide decorative, accent or close-range directional lighting.  These are not intended to be used as general purpose bulbs.  They only serve to accent areas that require a lit up bulb shape or as short-distance directional highlighting of objects.

Replacement cross-reference: WTLEDB; replacement for FountainPro LED submersible pond/garden lights

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