Fountain Tech 14000GPH 120V Submersible Vertical Fountain Pump, Cord 150'

Fountain Tech 14000GPH 120V Submersible Vertical Fountain Pump, Cord 150'
Item# FT-14000-150-BX

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Fountain Tech 14000GPH 120V (volts) submersible vertical pump for floating fountains.  Outlet 4" male, not threaded.  Extremely efficient high flow pump; this is a very large, heavy duty fountain pump for ponds with fish up to 14000 gallons.  Maximum flow rate 14000GPH, uses 560 watts, no flow adjustment, durable plastic housing.  Heavy duty 150-foot SJTW flexible vinyl jacketed cord with ground; resists oil, grease, moisture, abrasion resistant, very good flexibility at all temperatures.  One-year manufacturer warranty.  Replacement pump for Fountain Tech X-Large fountain kit.



Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift Fountain Clear 16-ounce 10LFC16
Microbe-Lift Fountain Clear, for large fountains, waterfalls or small tabletop fountains, with its bio-enzymatic activity, prevents the buildup of mineral deposits and organic stains such as scale, iron, copper and hard water stains and helps keep water clear and free from organic debris.  Made from natural ingredients, Fountain Clear is biodegradable and non-toxic; safe for birds, fish, aquatic life, humans, pets, plants, lawns and wildlife.

Microbe-Lift products are made from a formulation of many naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacterial strains that work aerobically or anaerobically, with or without light, and in environments from low-to-high acidity, and low-to-high alkalinity.

The 16 ounce size treats up 6400 gallons.  For each 100 gallons of water, pour one capful per week directly into water.  Made in USA.  Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories.

This item is currently out of stock!