(12 CASE) MaxPro Heavy Duty Parts Cleaner, 12-ounce

(12 CASE) MaxPro Heavy Duty Parts Cleaner, 12-ounce
Item# AVX-2152-UG

MaxPro 12-ounce heavy duty parts cleaner is a concentrated, non-flammable formula designed to clean and flush in one step.  Penetrates and dissolves grease, oil, tar and other contaminants, on contact.  Cleans instantly without leaving any residue.  Removes R, RMA, RA, and synthetic fluxes.

Recommended for printed circuit boards, electronics, contacts, electric motors, sewing machines, vacuums, copiers, cash registers, video equipment, audio equipment, connectors, controls, SMC pads, soldering, paint stripping, switches, chassis, generators, gears, alternators, starters, distributors, solenoids, brake cleaning, clutches, brake drums, cylinders and gasket removal.  Aerosol can.  Made in USA.

Sold in case quantities of 12 only.