Hewlett Packard (HP) NC6230 Centrino PM 2GHz Laptop, Reconditioned/Refurbished

Hewlett Packard (HP) NC6230 Centrino PM 2GHz Laptop, Reconditioned/Refurbished
Item# CSX-NC62302G-UG
Operating System:  Upgrade Memory:  Docking Station:  NEW U-Shaped Battery:  NEW Soft Laptop Bag: 

Reconditioned / refurbished Hewlett Packard (HP) NC6230 laptop with Centrino PM 2GHz CPU, 14.3" LCD, 1GB DDR2 memory (maximum 2GB), 60GB hard drive, CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo, Giga LAN, 802.11g/b Wi-Fi mini-PCI card installed, 56K modem, audio, video, docking connection, AC adaptor, lithium ion battery.  Unit has a main battery and second super battery is available, both batteries can be attached at the same time.  Second U-shaped 4000mAH super battery (optional) mounts on the bottom acting as wedge to angle the keyboard up.  Quick specs.

Reconditioned / refurbished from corporate lease returns.  All laptops are in excellent, "Grade A" condition, no major scratches.  Each laptop is tested before shipping.  Hardware warranty 30 days.

Unit is without software.  Select software for Microsoft registered refurbisher to install from options, includes the disk and new COA sticker.  Also consider using OpenOffice which is a free office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office.

For upgrade options not listed, e-mail or add request to comments box during ordering process.

Offer specifications and pricing subject to change

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