Halogen 10W 12V Clear Bi-Pin G4 Base JC5011 JC12V10B TL922

Halogen 10W 12V Clear Bi-Pin G4 Base JC5011 JC12V10B TL922
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Replacement halogen 10W (watt) 12V (volt) bulb/lamp for landscape lighting, fountain lights, audio/visual, photographic equipment, shadow box, desk lamps, bookcase, under-cabinet lighting, pendants, portables, chandeliers, signs and displays.

Average bulb life 2000 hours, size T2.5, replaces these bi-pin base types: G4, Q; T4 bulb shape, clear quartz lense, tungsten filament, 120 lumens, color temperature 2800K, fully dimmable to 0%, 100% mercury free, environmentally friendly.

Available in clear of frosted.  Brand: Hikari  High quality certified manufacturer.  Sold each.  (Inner pack 100)

Replacement cross-reference: Juno TL922, PLRB10, JCD12V10WH20, JC5011, Q10bipin12v, Q10T3, 10T3Q, JC12V10WB, JC10B, JC10WB, JC12V10B, JC1210B, JC1210WB, Quartz 10, 10T3CLRP, 10T3Q/CL/RP, BPQ10T3, 10T3/CL, JC12V-10W, JC10, RBJ1210

Replacement bulb for these products:  Alpine PL1008T, MAC102, MAC104, GIL104, GIL106, GIL108, GIL110, TEC102;  Fountain Pro WT90L, WT90LL, WT65L, WTL10, WTL20; Jebao M10PL, PP-355L

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