(12 CASE) Winchester Gun Cleaner, 11-ounce

(12 CASE) Winchester Gun Cleaner, 11-ounce
Item# AVX-7010-12PK-BX

Winchester 11-ounce gun cleaner is a specially formulated deep penetrating cleaner/lubricant that cleans gun actions without disassembly.  Gun cleaner contains a high grade lubricant for smooth reliable operation of firearm parts while leaving a corrosion-protectant coating for maintaining fine firearms.  Made in USA.  Ships direct from factory.

Recommended for rifles, shot guns, pistols, revolvers, bolt lever actions, gun parts, trigger assemblies, extractors/ejectors, firing pins, safeties gas pistons, crane assemblies, cylinder assemblies, receivers actions, magazines, gas ports, chambers, barrels, choke tubes, barrel threads, slide actions, automatic parts and single shot parts.

Sold in case quantities of 12 only.