Rescue - Visilure TrapStik For Biting Flies, TSBF

Rescue - Visilure TrapStik For Biting Flies, TSBF

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Rescue VisiLure TrapStik for Biting Flies catches a variety of flies that feed on blood, including horse flies, stable flies, black flies and deer flies.  Also catches common nuisance or filth flies and gnats.  Rescue TrapStik for biting flies uses Sterling's new VisiTrap technology to ensnare flies with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern where they get stuck to the adhesive surface.  Unique features and benefits: odor-free, pesticide-free, easy to unroll and hang, adhesive holds up in hot weather, water resistant and flies blend into the pattern once they're caught.  Rescue TrapStik for Biting Flies has a large catch surface, 6 sticky sides for flies to land on.  Hanging loop is built into cap.  For best results, hang where you see the fly problem (e.g. stables, barns, dog runs, patios, water features).  Avoid using where children, birds or pets may come in contact with the adhesive.  Shelf life: Does not expire.  Made in USA.  Manufacturer: Sterling International

Pricing is per trap.  Case size 6.